Slot Tech Magazine Submission Guidelines

Who reads Slot Tech Magazine?
Slot Tech Magazine is geared for those who are actually working on gaming machines or for the slot managers themselves. Slot Tech Magazine is for slot machine technicians of all skill levels from beginning to advanced. Slot Tech Magazine is not intended for slot machine hobbiests or for older equipment. It is intended as a repair and maintenance assistant for modern casinos and slot machine operators world-wide.

Areas of interest include:

  • General Machine Troubleshooting
  • Power Supply Diagnostics and Repair
  • Monitor Diagnostics and Repair
  • DBV Diagnostics and Repair
  • Touchscreen Diagnostics and Repair
  • Coin Comparitor Diagnostics and Repair
  • Player Tracking Systems
  • Coin Hoppers
  • Conversions
  • Casino Signage Diagnostics and Repair
  • Networking
  • In short, anything casino related that requires a technician to keep it going.
All articles should relate in some way to gaming machines or the various associated technologies. All types of material including technical, informative, entertainment, educational, etc., are encouraged.

Areas such as these have many possibilities:

  • Construction Projects
  • Technical Articles
  • Repair and Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • New Technology
  • Industry News
  • Equipment Sources
  • Product Reviews
  • Technology Overviews & Explanations
  • Anything else gaming related
Feature articles should be 1500-2000 words. "Mini" articles (symptom, cause of problem, how to fix it) can be just a few paragraphs.

Slot Tech Magazine pays $.10/word and $10.00/illustration (max 5 illustrations per article unless otherwise agreed to with editor). All material (including illustrations) must be original.

Full or partial exchanges of editorial for advertising space will be entertained, but should be discussed with the editor before assuming eligibility.

Accepted articles will be copyrighted by Slot Tech Magazine. Unless otherwise stated, Slot Tech Magazine buys perpetual rights to publish articles for both foreign and domestic distribution and reserves the right to distribute reprints on request or as a compilation of past material. We also reserve the right to print or reprint any article at, the companion website to Slot Tech Magazine. All material must be guaranteed exclusive to Slot Tech Magazine unless notification has been given prior to acceptance.

Article ideas should be queried by mail (or E-Mail). Article ideas may be approved in advance, but no guarantee of acceptance is given until the final copy is reviewed.

We accept submissions by E-mail. Each article should be stored as a single file. All sidebars and captions should be stored in separate files or at the end of the article file. Files should be submitted in MS Word (.doc) or as ASCII text.

Notes regarding electronic files
We can read documents created in most word processors. Using MS Word and saving as a .doc file will preserve all of your formatting. If you are writing for Slot Tech Magazine for the first time, we recommend that you provide an ASCII text version in addition to your word processor file. If we cannot read your word processor's format, it may cause a delay which could result in postponing publication of your article. Most popular word processors will allow a file to be saved as an ASCII or "text only" file.

We prefer all submission be made electronically. That includes scanned illustrations and photographs. High-quality, well-constructed photographs are allowed as well. Submit 5 x 7 or larger black & white or color prints. Do NOT send negatives. Send captions with each photo, clearly labeling each with the appropriate photo. Include publication releases from anyone who is readily identifiable in the picture.

Schematics, PCB layouts, pictorial drawings, or other artwork should be computer generated. If you are using a drawing program such as Corel Draw, Aldus Freehand, etc., to create graphic elements, each item should be provided on disk and saved as a bitmap (.bmp) image, otherwise, we may not be able to import the file directly into our page layout program. Save for high resolution (1200 DPI or greater) output. A good quality laser printed copy should be provided as well. Scanned photographs should be saved as TIFF (.tif) files. If you scan, give us at least 150 dpi and ALWAYS provide the original photographs in case we have problems with the files.

All material accepted for publication may be subject to editing due to space restrictions or for any other reason deemed necessary by the publisher. Do not worry too much about misspellings or grammatical errors. It is the job of the editorial staff at Slot Tech Magazine to make you (the writer) look good.

Deadlines should be discussed with the editor. In general, all material should be received by the first of the month preceeding that of publication (e.g. July first for the August issue). Sooner if possible. Placement in a specific issue is not guaranteed and is subject to change due to space limitations or other circumstances not foreseen at the time of acceptance.

Reader friendly, easy reading style is preferred. Humor and "personality" are welcome if in good taste. Use short, crisp sentences. Keep paragraphs to about three or four sentences. Use subheadings to break the text into easily readable and identifiable sections. ALWAYS provide a title.

Double and triple check your facts. Verify the spelling of personal names, titles, and company names. Get your dates, phone numbers, and references correct. Publishing corrections in subsequent issues will not recover missed opportunities, hurt feelings, or damaged reputations.

If you use industry specific acronyms, the first reference should be fully described followed by the acronym. If you refer to sources of parts or information, be sure to include the complete address and phone number so our readers can contact the source directly.

Provide a short biography of yourself with your article submission. Include name, address, and phone number if you want them to be published. Include your E-Mail address if you have one.

We encourage reader comments and response to all articles, so be prepared to back up your work!

The information contained in these guidelines outlines the terms and conditions under which we will accept an article for publication, and supercedes any different terms, rights, or conditions not previously agreed to in writing by Slot Tech Magazine

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